Regine Roy


Regine “ReGeniOus” Roy, MSW – is the President and Founder of the Queen Geniuses Girls Empowerment Conference. She is a W. Burghardt Turner Fellow and a graduate of Stony Brook University’s School of Social Welfare. Regine is a workshop facilitator, performance artist and community activist.

Upon receiving her Bachelors of the Arts in Africana and Women Studies, she studied in Tanzania, East Africa with exiled Black Panthers, Pete and Charlotte O’Neil, who taught her the fundamentals of grassroots organizing and bringing resources and services to poor communities of color. She went on to work with the Medgar Evers College Center for Women’s Development where she honed her skills in counseling, facilitating workshops and program development. Currently, Regine works with to the Office of State Senator Kevin Parker as the Director of Constituent Affairs tending to the needs of the District 21 community that she once grew up in. She is committed to service, healing and transforming lives though explorative workshops & empowerment conferences. She is inspired and encouraged by the famous words of Maya Angelo, “When you learn, teach. When you get, give.”

Stephanie Roy

Creative Director

Stephanie “PhaFa” Roy is the Creative Director of the Queen Geniuses Girls Empowerment Conference. She is a graduate from State University of New York Fashion Institute of Technology with a Bachelor of Science degree in Art History & Museum Professions. She also has an Associates in Fashion Design. Stephanie is an illustrator and an artivist. She uses her artistic talents to support social/civic issues and communities in need. Recently, she has collaborated on projects with AFROPUNK LLC. and the U.R.B.A.N Tattoo Convention, where she combined her creative instincts for product development and branding. Stephanie is committed to using art as a tool for inspiration and innovation. In February 2014, she will be launching her first fashion illustration exhibit entitled “We Be Rational”, showcasing her diverse range of intricate sketches of women of color whose aesthetics, voice and diversity is rarely celebrated in the world of fashion design. See more of her work at


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